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Our experienced staff is composed of highly qualified full-time professionals with experience in all aspects of the landscape industry.

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At Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction, we not only offer lawn cutting and care services, but our goal is to be part of your community. We are a family business, with the resources to serve the largest and most complex properties, with the values to develop positive and continuous relationships.

Through friendly and professional service, you will soon appreciate us as a key part of your environment.


At Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction, we not only offer lawn cutting and care services, but our goal is to be part of your community. We are a family business, with the resources to serve the largest and most complex properties, with the values to develop positive and continuous relationships.

Through friendly and professional service, you will soon appreciate us as a key part of your environment.

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At Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction we are customer-centric and pride ourselves on our flexibility and proven ability to exceed expectations. Our experience in the care of the land of commercial and public sector customers of all sizes demonstrates our ability to deliver personalized results without compromise, providing best practice working methods and a relationship exceptional price-quality  



Our projects are carefully planned and executed. We work hard to keep you, our client, informed during the process until successful completion. We have a team of qualified, highly trained contractors with knowledge and experience who can help you with your maintenance, construction, renovation and maintenance needs.​

We are a licensed and secure professional gardening company that provides garden maintenance and construction services.

At Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction we bring great value to our industry with world-class knowledge and equipment, enhancing our services, enabling our employees to hone their skills and provide our customers with the service they expect.

Why choose our company?

Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction maintenance provides landscaping services that always adapt to the specific needs of your properties. We maintain the latest in lawn care equipment and train all of our technicians to provide you with the best quality gardening services.


Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction offers comprehensive and comprehensive services in irrigation, landscaping, maintenance and professional tree care management. A fifteen-acre farm and tree nursery helps us provide our customers with quality plants and trees at affordable prices.



It provides our customers with a responsive service and unmatched quality and value at a very competitive price. We focus our efforts on building reliable customer relationships through careful communication and environmentally sound management practices.

Experienced Landscaper

We’re able to provide an inspiring setting for your home by having expertise at every stage. From highly experienced landscape designers to trained craftspeople and landscape crews, we ensure a top-level product with top-level people. 

Free Consultation

We Offer Free consultations for landscaping services, and will provide you with a real quote-not just an estimate-for your landscape design project and your landscaping maintenance. 

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Our excellent and healthy complete landscape included services in the continuous maintenance of landscaping and lawn care services, as well as large landscaping installation projects, gardens, outdoor lighting, irrigation systems, control of the erosion and drainage systems. With these full services, our gardening professionals will make sure your lawn and gardens stay in top shape.

We have 20 years of experience serving many customers satisfied with our services with 15-mile coverage, please contact us.

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Clean Up

Cleaning up your property for spring is a great job. Our team can handle it for you. We are experts in gardening and lawn care services with programs aimed at both residential and commercial properties. We understand that your time is valuable and limited. Let us take care of your spring cleaning so you can enjoy a beautiful property ready for the season without the hassle.



Do you feel like you're missing something in your landscape, but that you ended up getting your hands dirty? Let's plant! Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction offers a complete planting service, with amendments, soil planting and root stimulator.


Mulch / Top Soil

Our colored mulchs are some of the best mulchs available. We use only premium dye, so our mulch looks better and lasts longer than much of the competition. Color padding is one of the most widely used padding in the industry, especially brown padding, which is the most popular color. We also produce this mulch at our Newark, NJ location.


Stone rocks and/or river 

Stone and/or river rocks can be a great addition or replacement coverage for your landscaping. River rocks have many advantages over padding and when combined with landscape fabric they can retain moisture in the ground as well as padding does



Interlaced cobblestones will add elegance, style and increase the exceptional value of the property, as well as durability, as it is the only paving system with the highest value of its kind.

They can transform any driveway, patio, pool terrace or walkway into a masterful paver design that will last longer than any asphalt, will not crack like concrete and will be less expensive than clay brick.


Stone Retainings Walls

A well-placed and well-designed retaining wall will retain the ground and rocks, protecting your landscape from erosion and runoff. Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction has special experience in the design and installation of retaining walls. Using a variety of materials, we can create a beautiful and functional retaining wall to suit your style and budget.



We provide a variety of tree care services, including the removal of trees and suns. Our team aims to provide homeowners with the knowledge they need to provide the right care and maintenance for their trees.



If you are thinking of installing a new hardwood floor, you can call our professionals to get the job done right the first time. Technicians are our local employees of Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction and have an average of 20 years of experience. We'll do the job right and on time!



Excellent Landscaping Llc experts can provide you with everything you need to have a beautiful, healthy lawn. Through services such as fertilization and soil pH correction, lawn care specialists can help you give your lawn the vital nutrients it needs. Having trouble with invasive plants? The Soil Service can help with that, too.



Stone installation must be carried out with care and precision. If the work is careless or hasty, the results may seem careless or unstable. Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction takes the time to perform the correct installation, ensuring you never have to worry about the installation



Whether you are in the process of renovating the front or backyard, or building, it will be a pleasure to help you build a wall that meets all your expectations and lasts indefinitely.



Excellent Landscaping Llc & Construction can take care of each and every residential concrete project, from a base or entrance to a patio or decorative floor.



Our commitment is to provide our customers with quality Excellent Landscaping & Construction, as well as friendly and responsive customer service. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by improving and beautifying their homes, as well as solving any existing landscape problems.

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Phone: (862) 371-2823 / (973) 483-5917

Address. Newark, NJ 07104


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